Renovation Process


go to site The Homestar Group has refined its process with decades of combined renovation experience. When an individual, business, or institution contacts The Homestar Group in need of a renovation you will not need to wait days or weeks to have your property examined. Within 2-3 business days The Homestar Group will dispatch an experienced professional to appraise your renovation. This appraisal will include the cost of materials, labor, and any other expenses than may be incurred during the duration of the project. Following the appraisal, a statement of work and contract will be presented to the property owner or manager which upon acknowledgement the renovation will begin. In most cases the renovation professional who appraised the job will manage all the necessary labor, materials, and equipment to complete your job. The Renovation Manager will also track project milestones to ensure stakeholders can accurately monitor progress. Upon completion, projects will be inspected and approved by a representative from The Homestar Group and as well as the property stakeholders before the final invoice installment is fulfilled. For more information about the work The Homestar Group and it’s vendors perform for clientele all over the all over the United States please explore the Renovation Section of this website. To get in touch with a Homestar Group representative click here.

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