When it comes to maintaining your home......from the inside out®, your flooring is just as important as the roof over your head. Replacing your floors, begins with ripping up the old flooring and it is probably a responsibility you don’t want to think about, especially if you suspect damage to your current flooring. These are things you have to consider, however when you choose to use The Homestar Group, you can you’ll breathe a sigh of relief and because we have the experience to be able to accurately access the project and provide you with and estimate for repair or replacement.  We have a variety of materials for you to choose from for any and all rooms in your house, and we’re the contractor you can trust to make the daunting task of replacing your floors a quick and easy process.

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We, at The Homestar Group, get a lot of questions about carpet.  Here are some of the frequent questions that we hear from homeowners.


What’s the purpose of Carpet?

Carpet serves a variety of functionality in the home. It can work as a noise reducer, an insulator, and even a collect of dust and other allergens.

What rooms are best for Carpet?

Carpet is the perfect flooring for whatever room you want to relax in such as your bedroom, den, or living space. The most inviting feeling for a room of relaxation is walking barefoot on soft, brand new carpet.

Isn’t Carpet hard to maintain?

Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain if you’re not given the information you need, and it can eventually lose it’s quality if not properly kept up with. However, with the proper knowledge, routine, and a vacuum cleaner you will be able to maintain your carpet for many years.

The Homestar Group Highlights, Home from the Inside Out:

  • Available in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Provides a feeling of warmth
  • Improves air quality by trapping allergens
  • Reduces noise
  • Vacuum high traffic areas frequently
  • Clean spills up quickly to prevent saturation
  • Most manufacturers recommend a profession cleaning every 1-2 years
  • Use door mats and area rugs at doorways, entryways and other areas trapping the dirt before it reaches the carpeted area