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Custom home building is an option that is available for those that might be having trouble finding the home of their dreams or for those that have special needs or ideas. At The Homestar Group, we take pride in solving these problems for our customers with a team of experienced professionals, where we help you through the process beginning with a custom home floor plan and ending with the keys to fit your front door.

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We take pride in offering you custom home building solutions that will turn your vision into a reality. There are only so many layouts a particular style can offer. Whether you build a Colonial, a Craftsman, a Saltbox, or a Victorian, the footprint of your home can only support a limited number of layouts. However, when you choose to build a custom home, your options are virtually limitless. You can customize every aspect of the interior and exterior to form the perfect design of your home. At The Homestar Group, custom floor plans are the foundation for our custom home building solutions. Our professionals know that importance translating your vision of your floor plan so that you can realize your dream home.

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The Homestar Group professional architects and designers are leading the industry with custom home building solutions. With us, you will have a team that is ready to work so that when your custom home is completed you will be pleased with every detail from the front door to the kitchen sink. We accomplish this by taking the time to listen to your needs, desires and lifestyle and incorporating these details into a custom home design that encompasses all of this and even more. Custom Home Building Solutions best suited specifically for you

The team will guide you when it is time to choose the materials that will be best suited to the design style, as well as their purpose and function. They will be able to advise you on the most suitable type of material to use for each application. For example, if you want wooden floors, our professionals will offer advice about which type of wooden flooring will work best for your custom home, based on your region, your lifestyle, and your home style. Our suggestions are based on knowledge and experience, so that each element of your custom home can be selected with confidence in any room from the foyer to the back door and every room in between. Contact us today to experience our custom home building solutions.

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