By Services The plumbing in your home is like the arteries in your body. If it springs a leak, the whole system can go down. Following a maintenance plan can keep your system whole and leak-free, which will result in a dry home with no water damage bills.

can u buy accutane over the counter The Homestar Group’s inspection will start with performing a leak check that will include searching for signs of corrosion or rust that could indicate a leak in your future. Additionally our Homestar Group professional will check for blockages in all of your drains. Blockages in sinks and tubs could be the result of a clog further into your system. A system that is not obvious to the homeowner, but could result in a kitchen flood, is the connection to the refrigerators ice maker and water dispenser. A leak in this system could be overlooked until considerable damage has been done. The water connection to the washing machine is another hidden danger, especially if your laundry room is upstairs. A leak to this system could cause a disastrous flood in your home. Homestar Group can check all of the fittings to make sure that they are tight and undamaged.

buy modafinil generic During a maintenance check, your professional from The Homestar Group will flush your water heater to eliminate any sediment that has accumulated over the year. A yearly flush is recommended to keep the heater runner at its highest efficiency. The yearly flush will also allow usto check the anode rod in the water heater.

While performing the inspection, The Homestar Group can check the water pressure in your house. Too low pressure is often obvious to the homeowner, but too high pressure is not and can result in damage to fixtures or a breach in the supply line.

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