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source site Electricity is a boon the civilization, but with this benefit comes the danger of shocks, damaged electronics and appliances, and fire hazards. To avoid these complications, schedule a maintenance inspection with a professional from The Homestar Group. We will examine your electrical system to make sure that it complies with the National Electric Code. This code is a standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment in the United States.

follow link While we are performing our inspection, we can check your large appliances for internal electrical shorts or ground faults. This condition is revealed when a slight shock is given when touching the appliance. In the event of a short or fault, the appliance becomes a danger and could result in either a serious shock to a person or a spark that could end in a fire.  We can detect these issues and repair the fault.

http://zeevi.me/wp-content/plugins/custom_login/Marvins.php The professional will also check your circuit breaker box to ensure that all of the fuses are the correct size for the circuit. Incorrect fuses can result in overheating, which could create a fire hazard. In the event that the professional finds that your Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter breakers and your Arc Fault Interrupter breakers are defective, he can replace them, thereby protecting you from electric shock and your home from fire.

Checking outlets for scorch marks will allow your professional for find signs of loose or sparking wires. Repairing these at the first sign of problems will guard you and your home from harm.

If you notice flickering of the lights in your home, your Homestar professional may find that there are bad contacts at the connection between the electrical line running from the utility pole to your house. Bad contacts can be uncovered when lights flicker during a strong wind.

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