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http://tonovconstruction.com/100_0538/ A home’s yard can be the lovely entrance leading to a lovely home. Or it can be a barren wasteland funneling water into your foundation and tree roots over the grass. Yard maintenance goes far beyond cutting the grass. Your yard should be an asset to your home, not a liability.

where to buy erythromycin Over time a lawn can change course, draining rainwater towards your house and into your basement. What started out as little problem can turn into big trouble if the rainwater pools at the base of your house, finds cracks, and leaks in. Low spots and ruts can turn an area of your lawn marshy and muddy, ruining the look of your lawn and possibly the grass and shrubs in the area. One way to avoid these expensive complication is to plan for regular yard maintenance. The Homestar Group can plan routine inspections to check for ruts, low spots, and other issues with the grade of your lawn that will impact your house.

follow Another issue from the lawn raised by tree roots. Some tree roots can travel three times the width of a tree’s canopy on the top layer of the soil. Often roots will become exposed, causing a hazard to walking and difficulty mowing the lawn. These roots can change the grade of your lawn, resulting in further drainage issues. It is possible to save the tree while mitigating the danger of exposed roots and the inconvenience of bad drainage.

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