Basement Repair & Maintenance

By Room Whether the basement of your property has been renovated into living space or it is used for storage, keeping this area on a regular maintenance schedule is required to keep it trouble free. As your basement is below ground, the threat of water damage is always a concern. Water may enter your basement through several different avenues. A regular maintenance plan will detect any cause for concern and any leaks will be swiftly addressed.

follow url The first line of defense in any basement is the sump pump. If the sump pump is not working, any leakage will not be discharged. Regular maintenance is required to keep the sump pump clean so that the discharge line is not clogged and the inlet screen is allowing the water to flow. The pit that the sump pump is in must also be made free of dirt and debris.

how to order Keppra online While the sump pump will discharge water to the outside, it is preferable that no water enter your basement in the first place. Checking the walls of the basement for cracks and repairing them will limit the moisture in this area.

If your basement has windows that are partially underground, you must be aware of the danger of leakage through the window wells. When a builder puts a well that can collect water at an opening at the foundation of a building, leaks are almost inevitable unless the well has a drain that is kept clear of debris so that is can function to specification.

The Homestar Group can manage the upkeep of your sump pump and window well drain while checking for any leaks that come through the walls of your basement. A regular maintenance program will relieve you of worry that your living space or storage space will be damp and dingy.

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