Attic Maintenance

By Room***ance-of-faithless-electors/ An attic bedroom can be a cozy, private space with interesting architectural details and a lot of character. Unfortunately, this same attic bedroom can be liability if regular maintenance of the property is not performed. The attic bedroom or office is the closest room to the roof and, subsequently, can require the most attention to maintain its integrity. High winds, rain, snow, and hail can damage the roof and the room below it. Even if the roof above this attic room appears to be undamaged, fierce weather can slip through shingles and cause unseen destruction. The Homestar Group can help you preserve your property’s value through regular attic maintenance while it is occupied and in between tenancies. Any damage wrought by the weather can be detected and mitigated through regular inspections of the space.  Scanning the space for cracks, moisture, or dry rot, The Homestar Group can halt further damage to your property, preventing much more costly repairs in the future. Inspections once per year and after major storms are recommended.

best site to buy finast online The Homestar Group professionals will also inspect any pass-through points in your attic. These points are anywhere that the roof has an aperture for things like the chimney, vent pipes, and skylights. These points of weakness in the roof must be examined on a regular basis to prevent leakage. Any such leakage could result in mold and mildew affecting your attic room.


Attic Maintenance & Preservation

Should we discover mold and mildew in your attic room, The Homestar Group can eliminate the problem and fix any damage. These repairs could include replacing insulation, cleaning and repairing joists and drywall, and removing damaged flooring. Keeping up the maintenance on your attic bedroom will save you money over time by preserving the soundness of your property.

Make sure that your property’s attic room remains an asset to the home with maintenance by The Homestar Group.


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