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http://thesweetsunshine.com/tag/church-outfit/ We can either cover the stain or replace the material that is affected by the stain. Your professional will blend the edges so that no difference can be seen. While he is there, your maintenance professional can also fix holes where you took down a ceiling light fixture or cracks that occurred when you house settled.

go to link Your Homestar Group professional can also repair or replace any crown molding that has fallen into disrepair. We can also remove an old light fixture and install a new ceiling fan.

http://mrsrogersworld.com/donate.html If your popcorn ceiling is looking a little drab, has cracks, or is flaking off, it can be fixed. During a maintenance visit, your professional can fill cracks and holes and apply new “popcorn” to any bare area.

If your house is older and has a plaster ceiling, your professional can make any repairs that are necessary. He will install a patch and make sure that the edges blend in with the rest of the ceiling.

While your professional is at your house, he can look into the reasons that your ceiling has a water stain. If the answer is not obvious and already corrected, your Homestar Group professional can get to the root of the problem. After he fixes the problem, you will not have to worry about it reoccurring.

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