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Commercial Services\"http:\/\/\/home\/cloud-services\/\" If the refrigerator fails in your home, you are out a little food and a little money. If the industrial walk-in cooler fails in your restaurant or grocery, you are out much more. You could lose thousands of dollars of food to spoilage. In addition, the income you could have generated if didn’t have to close your doors to repair the failure is lost forever. You have lost income, your employees have lost income, and you now have a large repair bill, assuming you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to replace your unit. If your freezer also fails, you are in a worse predicament. This predicament can be avoided with a maintenance plan from the professionals of The Homestar Group. As with any appliance, an industrial cooler will wear down over time, especially with the greater use that commercial activity brings. But with a maintenance plan, your professional can discover potential problems before they develop into store-closing events.

follow While a cooler failure is unfortunate, the failure of your grill, fryer, or kitchen hood could result in danger to your employees or to your building. With heat and grease combined in the same area, each device must perform as designed to keep the kitchen safe. With a maintenance plan in place, you can be sure that your professional will spot potential problems before they become threatening and costly.

In a commercial kitchen, the dishroom does not get much respect, but without your industrial dishwasher working up to standard, your service can grind to a halt. An industrial dishwasher frees up employees for other tasks and keeps your service going. With a maintenance plan, you dishroom will continue to send out sparkling cups, plates, and flatware without any costly slowing down of service.

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