Financial Institutions

Commercial Services Whether you manage the branch of a large multi-national bank in a major city or an industry-specific credit union in a small town, you must keep your doors open for your customers. As with all structures, surprise maintenance can interfere with that intention. With a Homestar Group professional designing and executing a regular maintenance plan, you will be able to manage your institution without worry.

follow Your Homestar Group professionals can design maintenance plans for all of the systems in your building, including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and the physical structure. The physical structure will include the roof, siding, parking lot, and landscaping. The roof must be inspected on a regular basis and after any adverse weather event. Your professional will check for loose and missing roof materials, leaks at the joints, and the condition of the flashing. The siding will be inspected for any storm or age damage or wear. Regular inspection and maintenance of the heating and air conditioning units will preserve their function and keep you apprised of their remaining life..

Having a Homestar Group professional inspect and maintain your plumbing will also minimize any surprises to your business by keeping the pipes clear and running. By locating and repairing any small leaks before they turn substantial, your professional can help keep your business running.

The electrical systems must also be inspected on a regular basis. On the first visit, you Homestar Group professional will scrutinize your existing system to find any loose wires, grounding faults, or fuse box issues. Once he has rectified any issues, your professional will design a plan to keep your system safe and effective.

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