Large Corporate Offices

Commercial Services A large office building has many areas that need to present a professional appearance for your tenants and their clients. The Homestar Group can supply your office building with professionals that can keep your property well maintained and appealing to clients.

buy provigil fast In the interior of your building, Homestar Group professionals can perform all of the small and large tasks required for upkeep. Major and minor repair and installation of drywall, flooring, light fixtures, and windows are some of the projects that your professional can handle. With a maintenance plan in place, all of the complications of large building management will be managed.

buy priligy canada The Homestar Group can also provide professionals to maintain your electrical, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning systems. Regular maintenance of these systems will prevent major failures from shutting down your building.

The exterior of your building will be maintained from the building proper, to the landscaping, and to the parking lot. Your Homestar Group professional can maintain the siding of your building, be it brick, stucco, or fiber cement. Low to high pressure power washing can clean your exterior to clean dirt, mold, or other deposits. Power washing can also keep your sidewalk and front entrance clean and neat. Sparkling windows add to the impression made to tenants and their clients. The Homestar Group can get them shining with the right maintenance plan.

For parking lot maintenance, your Homestar Group professional can keep your employees safe by sealing cracks, patching, and repairing the asphalt. After repairing the asphalt and on a regular maintenance time-table, your professional can restripe your parking lot for ease of parking.

The landscaping around your building will need ongoing maintenance to preserve its beauty for your tenants. In addition to regular maintenance, The Homestar Group professional can recommend and install seasonal flowers and plants to brighten up the entrance of your building.

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